Smart Bid Evaluation


JengAI's bid evaluator delivers a decisive edge—swiftly guiding subcontractors to prime projects, smart resource investment, and minimal risk while pinpointing potential issues and red flags. It's not just bidding; it's building your business with confidence.

Designed for Precision and Foresight

Our Bid Evaluation Tool automates bid selection and identifies critical issues upfront. It’s more than a tool; it’s your pathway to smart, risk-averse project selection.

Automated Bid Selection

Issue Detection

Resource Optimization

Risk Minimization


What's More

Project revisions

Stay up-to-date with project changes

  • Keep track of all addendums, RFIs, and revisions
  • Incorporate them into your projects

No more missing out on important updates or wasting time trying to find the latest information!

Auto-import bid relevant files

Auto-Import Bid-Relevant Files

  • Get rid of the hassle of manual data entry
  • AI-Provided invaluable insights for smart bids

Say goodbye to manual bid management and embrace the future of efficient bid triage.

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