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AI is your secret weapon in construction estimating and bidding. Boost your output by 50%, slash errors, and barely lift a finger. It’s all about efficiency and precision. Step into a world where your bids are a cut above the rest, thanks to the magic touch of AI.

AI’s Contribution to Estimation

AI’s Contribution to Estimation

  • Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence for precise estimates.
  • Automated analysis of architectural and engineering drawings.
  • Reliable results delivered in a matter of seconds.
  • Say farewell to manual calculations with seamless efficiency.

AI in Construction Estimating

  • Accuracy: Enhances estimate precision, reducing errors.
  • Material Specs: Extracted precisely from finish schedule.
  • Discrepancies Resolution: AI highlights scope relevant details, resolving issues in plans, elevations, and symbols.

Speed with Pre-Analyzed Plans

  • Quick Decisions: AI determines the extent of work needed for complete estimation.
  • Pre-Analysis with AI: Finds relevant pages, bookmarks PDFs for easy navigation, and highlights symbols.
more bid with less resources

More Bids, Less Resources

  • AI Assistance: Helps estimators work faster; more bids completed with the same resources.

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