Stage 1 - Identification

Condition to Win

JENGAI analyzes and organizes incoming ad bid requests to identify and select the most relevant bids for their business.

This is achieved by processing the details within each bid, filtering out unsuitable requests, and choosing the best matches based on the company's goals and criteria.

Integrates with Plan Rooms

JENGAI's seamless integration with Plan Rooms simplifies the process of importing bid requests and accessing project file, ensuring smooth workflow management and easy access to essential information.

Filters Bid Requests

JENGAI's AI-Analyzer delves into project specifics, extracting key data on materials and symbols to assist in bid evaluation. It boosts decision-making, making it easier to decide if a project is worth pursuing.

Predicts Time to Complete Bids

AI-Analyzer also simplifies project scheduling by predicting completion times of estimating and bidding by analyzing architectural plans.


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