Stage 3 - Bidding


Discover a CRM system designed specifically for commercial subcontractors, enabling effortless preconstruction management and tracking of every detail of every bid.

Vendor Management

Price your Materials

Auto-Populate pricing request emails. Keep a clean database for vendor contacts and pricing history.

Bid Margins and Pricing

Prepare your Bid

Gain control over your bid margins. Auto-Populate and add labour pricing, margins and overhead to arrive at a Bid amount.

Proposal Generation

Generate and send a proposal

Auto-Create compelling and detailed proposals. Highlight your strengths.

Follow-Up Management

Manage Follow ups

Track bid follow ups. Add reminders to reach out to customer. Increase your chances of wins.

Addendums and Bulletins

Keep track of Addendums

Keep all project streamlined and organized. Re-do the analysis and Re-submit a bid in a clear and efficient manner.

Schedule of Values

Generate Schedule of Values

Auto-Create detailed Schedules of Values. Experience accurate billing and effective progress tracking.


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