JengAI lets you bid faster with fewer mistakes

Step into the era of AI-driven precision and speed.

Our unique blend of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence turbo boosts your estimating game, ensuring minimal errors and optimized savings.

It's like having another expert estimator on the team!


JengAI – Once Gamyte, now reimagined.

Jengai with Numbers

JengAI in Action

Redefining Preconstruction Analysis through AI-Powered Automation


Auto-Find symbols

  • AI-driven symbol detection for architectural plans
  • Enhanced accuracy and efficiency in recognition
  • Streamline identification with advanced algorithms

Filter & Bookmark Drawings

  • Boost productivity by focusing on relevant drawings
  • Simplify project management with advanced search options
  • Bookmark important drawings for easy access

Highlight Trade-Relevant Sections

  • Emphasize important details for improved clarity
  • Save time with automated highlighting instead of manual markup
  • Efficiently navigate to highlighted sections

Auto-Extract Materials

  • Effortlessly extract materials from the finish scheduleSave time with automated extraction
  • Enhance accuracy and consistency
  • Accurate capture of material information

Powerful Preconstruction Solutions for Growing Businesses

JengAI has revolutionized the way we look at our bidding portfolio. We are able to quickly triage our bid requests and focus on clients and projects that are the most profitable. The AI tool has prevented some very costly errors in our takeoffs. Best of all, everything from plans to bids to submittals is in one easy platform that the team can access from anywhere.

Silver Slate Group
Yiğit Önalan

JengAI is a game changer for us. We now bid double the volume. Our margins have gone up. Our employees are working smarter, not harder thanks to JengAI.

Joe Rizzo

We are proud to be a part of an exceptional community.

Running a thriving construction business requires effort and the right set of tools. At JENGAI, we take pride in collaborating with incredible partners to drive smooth construction workflows and enhance customer satisfaction. Together, we empower success in the industry.

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