Transylvania Flooring Professionals Bids 40% More Projects with JENGAI

by Sila Keskin in February 24th, 2024

In the heart of the flooring industry, Transylvania Flooring Professionals has carved a niche for itself since its establishment in 2006. With a commitment to reflecting the unique needs and visions of their clients, they have mastered the art of customizing flooring solutions.

Challenges Faced

Prior to JENGAI, Transylvania Flooring Professionals grappled with the cumbersome process of managing bids using spreadsheets. This method proved to be inefficient and time-consuming, requiring constant rework and re-entry of data across various stages of the bidding process—from bid requests and takeoffs to material pricing and proposal preparation. Moreover, the absence of a centralized database for storing material-related information and supplier contacts further complicated their material pricing process, leading to disorganization and inefficiencies.

Choosing JENGAI

In their quest for a solution that could streamline their operations and eliminate the spreadsheet chaos, Transylvania Flooring Professionals discovered JENGAI through a personal networking connection. After evaluating several options, the flexibility of JENGAI's platform to integrate with the tools they already used stood out. Its ability to serve as a central hub for all their data was the deciding factor, prompting them to embrace JENGAI for their operations.

Implementation of JENGAI

The transition to JENGAI was not without its challenges. Marko Popovic, a key figure at Transylvania Flooring Professionals, acknowledged the steep learning curve associated with the new system. However, the unwavering support from JENGAI's team made the process manageable. With an efficient training program and readily available assistance, Marko and his team were able to overcome initial hurdles and fully integrate JENGAI into their workflow.

Results Achieved

The implementation of JENGAI has been transformative for Transylvania Flooring Professionals. By centralizing project details, contractor and supplier information, materials, and revisions, JENGAI has significantly enhanced the team's efficiency. The elimination of spreadsheets and the streamlined data management system ensured that all parties remained informed and up-to-date.

According to Marko, this newfound efficiency has led to a staggering 30 to 40% increase in the number of bids sent to general contractors, marking a significant milestone in their journey towards operational excellence.

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