Construction Estimating with AI-Powered Analysis: A Guide to Better Bidding for Subs  

by Sila Keskin in May 12th, 2022

In today's fast-paced construction industry, the sheer volume of projects up for bidding can feel overwhelming. For subcontractors, the key to success lies in an efficient estimation team. After all, when it comes to bidding, these teams are worth their weight in gold!

The Power of Initial Analysis

Ever paused to consider why the first step, or the initial analysis, in the bidding process is crucial?

Time Prediction

The initial analysis gives you a crystal-clear picture of the time required for takeoff. By pinpointing the duration to gauge the materials needed, you're in a better position to predict the overall time for the entire project. This ensures your team isn't overburdened, reducing errors and enhancing end results.

Bid Pipeline Management

Through comprehensive initial analysis, maintain a keen eye on all ongoing bids. You can determine which bids are top-priority, ensuring no missed deadlines and enhancing your bid-winning chances. Efficient bid management goes a long way in cementing your reputation in the construction industry.

Resource Allocation

The analysis provides insights into your team's strengths. Recognizing individual skills and experiences allows for optimal resource allocation. The result? A team operating at peak efficiency, consistently delivering top-tier work.

Material Price Tracking

With the ability to gather material price data early in the game, you sidestep potential bottlenecks during estimation. Such foresight enables you to avert issues from material shortages, ensuring smooth project progression and cost savings.

How JengAI Revolutionizes The Process

"But doesn't all this analysis consume a significant amount of time?" It's a valid question. While in-depth analysis requires effort, the dividends in efficiency and bid volume are monumental.

That's where JengAI comes into play. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence, JengAI can swiftly analyze architectural drawings. It pinpoints materials, symbols, and crucial keywords, streamlining the estimation process. The added capability of bid triage further empowers subcontractors by highlighting the most lucrative projects to bid on.

For both large and small teams alike, initiating the bidding process with an AI-powered analysis, like JengAI, sets the stage for success. Not only will it ensure your bids are on point, but it'll also guarantee project completion within the stipulated time and budget.

A Glimpse into the Future of Bidding

Pro Tip: Dive into the world of JengAI. Harnessing our state-of-the-art AI, we’ve fine-tuned an algorithm to help subcontractors, just like you, gauge the time and effort necessary for a thorough estimation. Gone are the days of starting estimations from scratch.

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