Highlights from the Fuse on Fire 2024 Annual Meeting


We’re just catching our breath after this weekend’s Annual Fuse on Fire 2024 conference. We are again grateful for the opportunity to connect with so many leaders in the industry, exchange best practices and discuss main challenges, so that together we can figure out a way to resolve them with the help of Technology. That was the topic of the session speech of our CEO, Shayne Paterson, where he dived into the role of technology and, specifically AI, in our lives, business and the commercial flooring industry in particular.

Shayne shared some of the tech trends that have been going around ever since ChatGPT was introduced to the general public. But more importantly he shared what that means for us, working in the industry. For the first time on a big stage he spoke about what was the driving force behind JENGAI, our mission and vision for the future and what he hopes the impact of our relentless work would have on the way You work! We sincerely hope that the overwhelming reaction of the audience and the wild applauses that began even before the speech was over means we are on the right path! We invite you to take a peak at Shayne’s speech and share your thoughts and feedback on our Vision.

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