JengAI shines at Starnet Tech Summit: Paving the way for streamlined Flooring Solutions

by Sila Keskin in February 15th, 2024

At the forefront of technological innovation at the Starnet Tech Summit in Fort Lauderdale, JengAI, along with notable tech vendors such as Spec-ID, FloorCloud, and Cyncly, showcased advanced tools designed to revolutionize the workflow of the flooring industry. This pivotal event drew commercial flooring contractors and technology innovators together, emphasizing the necessity for seamless integration of tech tools to facilitate every step from bid request to proposal completion and post-win activities.

JengAI distinguished itself by highlighting its three main value propositions, aimed at transforming the preconstruction phase for flooring projects:

Smart Project Targeting

JengAI's sophisticated algorithms analyze bid documents as soon as they arrive, pinpointing projects with the highest potential for success. This strategic approach ensures that contractors can optimize their resources and time by focusing on the most promising opportunities.

Drawing Analysis for Easy and Accurate Takeoffs

The platform simplifies the takeoff process by analyzing drawings and identifying scope-relevant symbols and details. This feature guarantees precision and efficiency, making every estimate more accurate and reliable.

Building and Getting Bids Out the Door Faster

JengAI streamlines bid preparation workflows, significantly accelerating the process. Contractors equipped with JengAI can respond to opportunities faster than ever, giving them a competitive edge in the bustling flooring market.

In collaboration with Spec-ID, renowned for its extensive database and expertise in flooring materials, and JobRunner by Cyncly, which integrates seamlessly with JengAI for post-win process optimization, the summit showcased how interoperability between platforms can enhance project planning and execution. This synergy between tools underscores the summit's message: technology is not just an add-on but a fundamental pillar in modernizing the flooring industry's lifecycle.

The Starnet Tech Summit has highlighted the critical role of technology in the flooring industry, with JengAI leading the charge towards a more efficient, precise, and quick project execution. JengAI's commitment to innovation, coupled with its focus on smart project targeting, detailed drawing analysis, and faster bid preparation, sets a new standard for the industry, promising a future where technology significantly enhances the operational capabilities of flooring contractors across the nation.

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