How did JengAI Rescue SSG from a $120,000 Oversight

by Ethan Morrow in February 28th, 2022

About Silver Slate Group

Silver Slate Group (SSG) delivers innovative, efficient solutions for commercial construction and development. Catering to a broad range of sectors, our mission is to refine industry standards through innovation and cost-efficiency, ensuring every project embodies excellence.

The oversight that almost was

Despite their diligence, SSG Team nearly overlooked a tiny detail with big implications. Buried in extensive blueprints was a note about SS-2 marble for 122 windowsills over 6 floors—amounting thıusands of dollars mistake. This oversight, nearly 10% of their total bid, was a stark reminder of the human element in even the most calculated plans.

Leveraging the Power of AI

Then, JengAI's AI-driven magic came to the rescue. With the precision of a digital detective, it scanned the plans and flagged the overlooked SS-2 marble, turning a potential financial pitfall into a moment of relief.

This smart intervention not only saved the team $120,000 but also highlighted the invaluable role AI can play in navigating the complexities of large-scale projects with a human touch.

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